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10 Best Small Sofa beds 2014

Best Small Sofa beds

10 Best Small Sofa beds 2014

10 Best Small Sofa beds 2014

Great for small spaces, the sleepers have an unforeseen advantage – they are usually compact and functional.

Convertible sofas are perfect furniture pieces as they offer a place to sleep without taking up a lot of space. It’s an ideal solution for you if you don’t want to waste your home space!

We present you 10 compact sofas converted into beds that will satisfy your taste and budget!


1. Regata Sofa Bed - $423

Sofa: 76.8″L x 37.8″W x 37″H
Sleeper: 76.8″L x 47.2″W x16H


2. Croma Convertible Sofa Bed – $881

Sofa Bed: 77″W x 40″D x 36″H
Sleeping Area: 77″ x 60″


3. Twist Loveseat Sleeper – $922

Loveseat: 53.5″L x 37″D x 35.4″H
Bed Position: 53.5″ x 72″


4. Chocolate Brown Sofa Sleeper – $988

Sofa: 64.5″L x 34″D x 31.5″H
Open: 77″L x 59″ x 10.6″H


5. Microfiber Sofa Sleeper - $739

Sofa: 52″L x 35.4″D x 30.1H
Open: 78″L x 52″D x 10.3″


6. Fantasy Sofa Sleeper – $922

Sofa Sleeper: 78.7″ x 37″ x 34.6″
Bed Position: 78.7″ x 37″ x 34.6″


7. Convertible Sleeper/Sofa Bed – $858

Sofa Overall Size: L72.44″ x D33.46″ x H29.92″
Seat Height:15.74″
Bed Overall Size: L77.16″ x W72.44″ x H10.63″


8. Connell Sofa w/ Queen Sleeper – $943

Sofa w/Queen Sleeper: 86″L x 36″D x 38″H


9. Sleeper Futon Bed - $430

Futon Sleeper: 72″W x 34.5″H x 36.5″D
Seat Depth: 26.25″


10. Lounger/Sofa Bed – $665

Lounger: 82.75 x 32 x 32H


Enveloping you in style and great comfort, the sofa sleeper is perfect furniture piece for your home!

Modern Coffee Table with Glass Shelf by J&M Furniture

Modern Coffee Table with Glass Shelf
The fashionably designed Coffee Table with Clear Glass Shelf features dark oak veneer and clear glass shelf. This is the zest and pearl for any modern home. Manufactured by J&M Furniture.

The Most Famous Monuments of Animals

The Most Famous Monuments of AnimalsBull on Wall Street, New York, USA.
This monument bull appeared in New York in December 1989. Arturo Di Modica author. The monument depicts the powerful, furious, and prepared to attack the bull as a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.

Amazing 3D drawings on asphalt – Part 1

3D drawings on asphalt
We’re have started a new rubric that has name Amazing 3D drawings on asphalt. Enjoy!

Traditional Beauty: San Marcos Bedroom Set

San Marcos Bedroom Set
You can not look into the future, while not considering the past. The same is the case with furniture. You can not argue that only new and modern furniture is good, not looking at the elegant traditional furniture, quality and style of which was confirmed by time!
Accentuate your bedroom decor with this luxurious and traditional San Marcos Bedroom Set in Cherry. Pine solids and Cherry veneers paint shades of browns and reds mingled together ceremoniously. Large crown and base moldings wrap the bed in pure luxury. The set consists of Queen size bed, nightstand, dresser and mirror.

Art on Skateboards by Swanarts Studio

Art on Skateboards
Swanarts is a one person graphic-design studio, founded by Pawel Kozlowski, also known under his art name Swanski.
He is a painter, graphic designer, illustrator and designer. One of the areas of his art is skateboards. Pawel Kozlowski makes cool graphics on skateboards. Fans of extreme sports, as well as numerous sponsors championships are regulars clients.

Art Prints by Heng Swee Lim

Illustrator from Kuala Lumpur Heng Swee Lim, despite his frivolous nickname ilovedoodle, is very popular among fans of design and art. More than a hundred of his prints for T-shirts made ​​by ilovedoodle were bought Gap, Nike and Threadless. In 2009 and of 2011 Heng Swee Lim was named “Designer of the Year.” Followers on his blog and social networking pages more than 80,000!

Double Glass Coffee Table by AtHomeUSA

Double Glass Coffee Tableby  AtHomeUSA
Enjoy your home interior with Double Glass Coffee Table by AtHomeUSA. It constructed from Chrome metal base and unique glass tabletops.
Remember the amazing interior starts with small things! The walls are not make the room looks beautiful, but the furniture that fills it.

The most unusual and memorable hotels of the world

Whenever going on a vacation or a honeymoon, I want to spend it memorable. I want to make every day like shots from a good movie. An important rule of a good holiday is a place where you stop to live. Therefore, carefully choose a hotel.
We are offering you to view some of the most unusual and memorable hotels of the world. Maybe one day you’re lucky and you’ll visit these places.
Ecocamp Patagonia – the national park Torres del Paine, Chile
Each room is a separate tent-dome, with all necessary amenities. The hotel is built from environmentally friendly materials and uses renewable energy.

Street Art vs boring Urbania

Animator Aiden Glynn from studio Pizza & Pixels, adorns Toronto interesting Street Art. His characters are mostly from computer games such as Mario, Pacman. Simply add the eyes and mouth any subject, and it comes to live. In short, Aiden Glynn struggling with gray and tatty Urbania.