Armchair – recliner

Armchair-recliner is the special kind of furniture. One push on the back and the sitting turns into the comfortable chaise lounge. What else can these mysterious armchairs do?

To relax completely the person needs to lie. Not for nothing Sigmund Freud laid his patients on the couch. The American designers took into account all recommendations of doctors and created the armchair, just what the doctor ordered. They got the recliner (from English “recline”).

It seems that any armchair with the regulated back can be called this way. But it is not quite so. The combination “sitting + stand for legs” is important. In the most of modern armchairs-recliners the following option is foreseen: the step (analogue of padded stool) activates and comes out exactly while pushing on the back.

The control of transformation of armchair-recliner can be mechanical, electric or censored. In the first case you should powerfully push the back sitting in the armchair. To come back to the beginning position you should find the lever and pull it – the pistons will work. In some models the angle of slope is limited. In the second case the remote controller is used – this is more modern method of control: for achieving the necessary position of armchair (from two to seven variants) you need only press the button. Some models have the smooth controlling so it is possible to fixate them in hundreds of various positions. Other models of armchairs-recliners have the built-in “TV-regime” – the optimal angle of slope of the back in a recumbent position. At last armchairs-recliners of the third type have the censored control: the contacts are built in the elbow rests. Push on the right and lift the back, on the left – lower it.

While changing the position of back of the armchair the center of mass of the sitting person is shifted. Therefore choosing the recliner it is necessary to pay attention on the base of armchair: it should be steady. Ideal variants are massive metal disk or cylindrical support with four-five legs. The sitting turns freely around its axle.

After purchasing the armchair-recliner it will obligatory become the favorite element of furniture of all your family and help you to spend free hours being relaxed and pleased.

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