Armchair Rrround by Finnish designers

For creating so cheerful colorful armchair called Rrround the Finnish students of the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, young designers Arttu Kuisma and Janne Melajoki used 250 squared meters of secondary raw materials and exactly – carpets which remained after numerous exhibition events, installations and shows.

Armchair rrround won the first prize total 6000 Euro in the competition of young designers “Habitare design competition” in the present year. The subject of competition was the using of secondary raw materials in creating subjects for improvement and decoration of public spaces in the conditions of limited production cycles.

The chairman of jury, famous Swiss designer and professor Alfredo Haberli noticed that the conception of armchair Rrround is so obvious and irreproachable that there is nothing to add to the result of its realization both as a comment and as an element of improvement.

The sizes of greatly simple work are 950х100х1300 mm. For producing of the prototype presented in the competition the carpet of Finnish importer Kukila Oy was used. The appearance and stylish orientation of article of course can be changed by the instrumentality of color palette of using materials.

According to the idea of designers such armchairs can be produced of floor covering remained after exhibition events which are often just thrown away or destroyed after only one-time usage. At the present moment the authors of article-winner are looking for the ways of small series in the base of their “steady” in all senses invention which can be widely used in the placements of public purpose and not only there.