Bookstands for beauty and comfort

Until people read books the furniture designers will create beautiful and original furniture for home book collections.

Recently the Italian company Domodinamica demonstrated its new unique collection of modular bookstands which got the name “Alibook”. All models which were included in it are made in minimalistic style. The author of the project is the famous Italian designer Denis Santachiara. The models are cut of bent aluminum sheets of 3 mm thick which then were cut by the instrumentality of laser and turned to give them the necessary form. The elements of construction are affordable in white, black and red colors. This way you will be able to combine the modules of different colors and create unique bookstand. Simple, functional and interesting they will become excellent useful supplement of any interior in any placement.

Famous French designer Mauro Canfori presented his idea of how the modern bookstands should look and created the collection which was called “TEEbooks”. For its creation the author was inspired with the golf game and exactly the special stand used in it which has the T-shape and is called by the golf-players with the word “Tee”. It is stack into the ground and the ball is put on it before the hit. This way this sport equipment is almost unnoticeable for surrounding people. The modular system “TEEbooks” is constructed according to the same principle – when the owner put his books, Cds and so on it becomes almost unnoticeable. The model is made of bent steel of 20/10 mm. The elements of construction are affordable in different colors and sizes. The simple form, laconic design and unquestionable functionality will make the modular bookstands from collection “TEEbooks” the desirable purchase for your interior.