Frame Hanger by &Design

What can be more boring and monotonous than the hanger? Though undoubtedly no interior can manage without it. But what if approach its design with original and untraditional way? This is how the designers of Japanese company &Design did approaching creatively a question of design of one of the simplest and unpretentious elements of interior.

Recently they presented their new collection of original and stylish hangers for clothes which got the name “Frame Hanger”. Per se the models correspond the interesting element of décor which can be leaned against the wall and used as a hanger for clothes, hats, bags and other accessories. It is also worth noticing if you’re bored of one color, just flip it for a change; it’s a dual sided board that will help the owner to make the necessary accent in interior. The article is crafted in melamine veneer, plywood core with Sina. The hanger is available in stencil-like pieces feature classy cutouts of chandelier (which is black & white in color) or branches that make a variety of hanging pegs of a tree (green & white color) models. Simple form, uncommon design and standard functionality make the hangers “Frame Hanger” the wonderful decision for small placements.

The company &Design was launched in 2005 by product design and interface design professionals each boasting a different experience and skill set. People at &Design don’t pigeonhole design work in terms of category and genre, but rather, they pursue designs that enable new possibilities that can be shared by many.