Ideas of bar in your house

Home bar is the subject of proud of any host and the object of envy of any guest! This is not the element of first necessity but bar will become the deserving decoration of the space. Bar is the place for rest and pleasant time spending.

Inalienable element of home bar is the bar stand in combination with high barstools. Bar is very active and bright element of interior which blends very well with the common design of your placement. In spite of the narrow specialization – to serve for nice rest with the glass of juice or some alcohol drink – the bar is one of multifunctional elements of your interior. Bar is equipped with either open or close shelves hidden under the table top. Shelves can open to inner or outward side – that depends on which variant you like more. They are very comfortable because there you can keep your favorite any dish or your favorite drinks. Classic bar is the table top fixated on the legs or that can be a low stand covered with the table top.

Today bars are made of almost any material – wood, plastic, gypsum plaster, steel, artificial or natural stone. Therefore you can find the bar suitable for your taste, your finances and design of your apartment.

The main thing without which you will not have the real effect of bar is those high barstools with long legs and small sittings. If your placement is not so big you can purchase the folding barstools which can be taken away when you do not need them. It is convenient to use chairs which height can be regulated. Then you can use them both for dining table and for bar. Barstools without backs are comfortable to be kept under the table top if there is free place under it. This is the ideal variant for small kitchen.

Bar can be equipped differently but there are some attributes which are inherent so it is worth purchasing something additionally to the bar. Depending on your tastes on the bar the squeezer, grill, coffee-machine can be placed and under the table-top there can be the mini-refrigerator for ice. Besides that the bar should have various shelves for wine glasses, tumblers, tall wineglasses where all this can hang. Neither bar can manage without this.

One more important moment is light. Built-in lightings focus the attention on the details and elements of bar and create attractive and pleasant atmosphere.

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