iPhone/Android – fireplace controllable

iphone/android fireplace controllable

We recently received a press release about a project that will surely appeal to all of you out there keen on technology. Gas fireplace manufacturer Escea has just launched their new range of gas fireplaces, which feature a world first: inbuilt WiFi connectivity, and the ability to control your fireplace from your iPhone or Android smart phone. According to the information we were sent, “Escea gas fireplaces are synonymous with minimalist modern sophisticated style and design. This range of Indoor and outdoor fireplaces has proved popular with architects and interior designers, so If you’re renovating or are planning a new house you should consider Escea for your gas fireplace. You may like also Custom wood veneers your iPhone

iPhone/Android - fireplace controllable

iPhone/Android - fireplace controllable


Source: http://freshome.com/2012/02/01/fireplace-controllable-by-iphone-or-android-smart-phone/

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