Living chandelier Zoom

It seems that this designer became famous because of only one his invention. Once Floyd Paxton, a German by origin thought out the extending overhead chandelier. According to one sources it happened in 2001, according to other dates – only recently, showing it at Euroluce 2009 in Milan. In any case, Zoom chandelier presented in several variants is already produced and sold with the trade mark Serien lighting.

What is there special in this lighting that can attract your attention? It is living, it changes its size and looks like a wonderful crown. Especially if you hang the drops-crystal made of cut-glass which are applied to the last version Zoom Crystal.
Perhaps in such royal scale Zoom can light both small – for example above the table in café – and big space – hall, resting place, boutiques.
Hanging on the long steel ropes on the ceiling Zoom XL – the medium model of three “royal” individuals – can gather and slide apart its edges like an accordion. Chandelier of XL-format “gathers” till 40 cm in diameter and “extends” till 2 m 60 cm. In the biggest size Zoom looks like the flat pancake and in the smallest – like a flash-light with solid walls. The chandelier Zoom XXL can “grab” the territory of almost four meters in diameter.

If the functional beauty of one Zoom seems to be not enough for you, the variant of combination two-three lightings of various scales into one chandelier is foreseen for you.
Several words about the material. The base of chandelier is a construction of fixed plates made of flexible stainless steel. Bright light of 20 halogen bulbs inserted into the frame disperses in the air owing the stripes of transparent tape like in Zoom model, or firm glass like in Zoom XL and Zoom XXL.
Don’t be afraid to experience yourself how Zoom chandelier slides apart the borders of your interior!