Outdoor furniture of your dream

There is nothing more pleasant than lying near your house under the sun and having sunbathes. Or try to imagine another landscape: beach, sea, palms, silence and calmness… What can be better?! The designers offer to add to this idyll the ideal outdoor furniture.

The first offer is the round outdoor sofa “Chaise” which main features are its form and functional.  “Chaise” consists of two semicircular halves each of which corresponds the separate lounge. Joining them you get the big round sofa. Plus there is the possibility to divide it into six parts: five of them are armchairs and one – coffee table. The set also includes the big umbrella which can be fixed to any part of sofa.

According to the idea of the designers from Pacific Green the ideal sofa should be made of coconut palm and white leather. The combination of such materials and appearance makes the sofa called “Messina Chaise” to be refined and unique element of furniture of elite class.

Designer Philippe Starck presented the collection of modern furniture for private houses and country cottages. The collection consists of four wicker armchairs each of which has its purpose. One armchair is suspended – it is possible to hang it on the tree and enjoy rest. The second one is portable on the leg. Third and forth ones are fixed on the special stand and can turn at 360 degrees. All armchairs have the form of egg. They are grey outside and trimmed with soft orange pillows inside. Such collection will look wonderfully in every yard of every house.