Project Wha Cabinet by Tembolat Gudkaev

From the legends and other fairy-tails we know for a long time that at midnight some things turn into pumpkin, when the moon is fool some people loose their human appearance and turn into different sometimes dangerous creatures and silent sounds become frightening and ominous. But the sympathetic bookstand Wha Cabinet by Tembolat Gudkaev on the contrary turns into safe and very useful article at night, into the real ray of light in the kingdom of darkness.

Wha Cabinet does not look like nonstandard element of furniture. Only maybe its curved figure in the form of question mark can suggest that this is not the common bookcase. But its secret will become clear only when it becomes dark outside the window and you will have to switch on the light.

But we will switch on not the chandelier, standard lamp or scone but the secret lighting hidden in our Wha Cabinet by Tembolat Gudkaev. First of all it lights brightly and merrily, with different colors illuminating all four shelves of bookcase. Secondly its inclined top is also a lighting, moreover quite powerful source of light-emitting diode of light which allow even reading and writing in the dark not borrowing other households who went to bed or are preparing to sleep.

In this case the main thing is to place this uncommon source of light in immediate proximity of armchair, sofa bed or any other working or reading place. But we can suppose that it is not difficult at all.

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