Serving table

The serving tables will help to settle the problem of quick serving of snacks and drinks to the guests. They do not take much place and allow moving all food from kitchen to living room. Being very mobile constructions they can be used not only for serving but also as an additional working surface or stand for dishes.

Conditionally such tables can be divided for three types: auxiliary, serving and universal. Auxiliary tables are the minimum of area and the maximum of capacity. Usually they are hidden under the table top of main kitchen front and on the shelves between the legs all necessary things are placed – towels, napkins, book of recipes. But it is modest and imperceptible; its design is strict and functional. Usually such models have not four wheels but only two ones and two legs to be more steady and safe. The cost of such tables depend on not only material (wooden, or with small metal details, and sometimes the table top is lined with tile) but also of equipment – additional cases and hands, demountable or rolled-out hardboards, hooks for towels, holders for bottles. The choice of height of the table depends on your height and on the size of the space you are going to move it under.

Traditional serving tables are a little lower. The professionals of restaurant-hotel business and servants use them. They are expensive because they are the attribute of luxury. The ‘correct’ waiter’s tables have the domelike cover and cooling (that the confectionery and cheeses do not get stale). There is also a wide choice of tables for house using which design imitates classic carts using in hotels and restaurants. In the houses where the traditions of big feasts are alive such helpers are just necessary: it is possible to cater for the guests with comfort and communicate with them and not to run forward and backward with plates and empty bottles. Choosing serving table pay attention on the diameter of its wheels – the bigger, the better.

The common serving table can become both decorative element and strictly functional thing for any life circumstances. It is possible to serve coffee or a glass of vine to unexpected guests. Put notebook or necessary documents if you have to work at home. It can be moved to the hall that the visitors could put gloves and bags on it. At least, you can put on it a lamp and book for reading, room flowers or cage with a parrot.