So indispensable hammock

What can be more pleasant than the calmness and sweet laziness in the shade of trees in hot day? To relax and forget about the everyday worries the human though out the firm mobile and somnolent hammock for his highest comfort.

The history of appearance of hammock starts 200000 years ago from the most ancient civilization Maya in Central America. The first mention about hammock in European history dates approximately to 1500 of Common Era. After Columbus discovered America in his dairy “Pacing about the undiscovered land” appeared the record about “hanging bed” – at that time the Indian name of this bed “hamacka” was still unknown.

The simplicity and functionality of hammock continue inspiring the designers who without any difficulties find the place for it in the modern interior filling it with beauty and comfort.

Hammock is created for sleeping giving the absolute reliability and comfort. The absence of wood laths allows taking the ideal position for reading – either with the legs deflated down or stretching to the full height inside the hammock. Having the possibility to stretch your back along the hammock or to sit in the position of lotus moving knees and elbows wide apart you will have wonderful rest.

Call your children and cuddling up to each other read them the fairy-tail before sleeping rocking a little. Lull your baby in the hammock like in the cradle giving the calmness to yourself and your neighbors or even purchase the special baby hammock.
Hammock is the ideal meaning for being closer with your partner. Just sit in the hammock with him and … the Earth’s gravity will make everything itself.

Take the hammock with you to the picnic, camping or fishing and you will not be able to understand how you could manage without it before.

If you have the loggia it is just necessary to hang the hammock there and relax after the working day calling the envy of your neighbors.

At last the hammock is the ideal present to your beloved people, parents, friends and to your boss!