Soft novelties by Leolux

In 1932 in Venlo was established the company which turned in the following ten years into one of the most famous European producers of designer furniture: Leolux. The conceptual sittings Leolux are produced with using of modern methods. Leolux applies computers while working out models and cutting out leather; the storehouses are also equipped with computer science. But the success of the company is determined with people first of all.

The Holland designers always distinguished with unordinary thinking. The expressive forms and technical innovations of furniture projects of Leolux can serve as confirmation. Leolux is impossible to mix with any other furniture producer; here not just designers but the artists work. Furniture by Leolux corresponds to the highest standards of quality and comfort. To achieve such result the designers of Leolux cooperate with the most talented domestic and foreign colleagues. The original models of Leolux are the fruits of their joint efforts.

Recently Leolux company presented new collection of sofas which got the name “Morena”. The author of the project is Stefan Heiliger. The models distinguish with original sculpture form, elegant curves and refined lines which collide one on another. The author provided both leather and textile upholstery for which the numerous one-color variants of color exist. The models have the original asymmetric form and look like they blend with the floor. Partly it is possible to say that the sofas are made in retro style however this is hundred-per-cent modern stylish furniture. These sofas are very comfortable and cozy and at the same time they look elegant and wonderfully blend with almost any modern interior.

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