Textile wallpapers

Talking about home textile many people mean upholstery of sofas, curtains, tablecloths. Only few people know about existence of wonderful textile wallpapers which give the interior the additional coloring. They were thought out long ago but the modern means of décor differs significantly from those which our ancestors use. Present textile wallpapers cost much and have the great decorative qualities.

Thread wallpapers are not textile. The threads really exist in the production but they are situated on the special base and the outward appearance of entire textile cloth; owing to the width of threads the production looks naturally. It suits for the refined design of interior and home accents. The specialists affirm that the thread wallpapers form the smooth surface. The joints between the sheets are invisible. Such productions are often of pastel shades with non-bright drawing therefore pictures, lightings, decorative elements look very well on their background.

French wallpapers correspond the base on which the real jacquard textile is placed. It got such name in honor of master of woven handicraft Jacquar. He created the materials which distinguish with presence of big complicated patterns and drawings. The textile on the walls looks great owing to the wonderful game of light and shade. French wallpapers are suitable for bedrooms. The designers say that they visually extend the space.

Unfortunately the wallpapers of woven sheets cannot create the entire image on the wall. The joints betweens the sheets shine and spoil the impression from the décor. To settle this problem some producers began to make the wide roll which help to avoid unbeautiful seams.

The producers of textile wallpapers try to use only natural fibers like cotton, jute, linen. This guarantees the ecological compatibility to the production and the safety of health to the consumers.

The textile wallpapers can be different not only by color but also by price. There are production which has the noise-insulating qualities; there are wallpapers which keep warmness in placement. It is possible to meet the variant with additional covering which provide good operational qualities. They have dirt-repellant qualities, to not keep dust, do not grow dim because of straight sun shine. There are wallpapers which even improve the acoustic in the placement. Whatever production you choose the textile wallpapers is the deserving material for decorating of apartment or house.

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