The Most Famous Monuments of Animals

The Most Famous Monuments of Animals

Bull on Wall Street, New York, USA.
This monument bull appeared in New York in December 1989. Arturo Di Modica author. The monument depicts the powerful, furious, and prepared to attack the bull as a symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity.
The Most Famous Monuments of AnimalsMonument Hachiko, Tokyo, Japan.
Hachiko know absolutely everything, especially after the film’s release in 2009, “Hachiko: The most faithful friend.” The monument was erected next to the Shibuya Station – the place where he came to meet his master – Professor, University of Tokyo Ueno Hidesaburo.

The Most Famous Monuments of AnimalsHanging Rhino, Potsdam, Germany
Sculpture of white African rhino in full size suspended by straps to the metal frame, was established in 2005. Copyright work – Italian painter and sculptor Stefano Bombardier.

The Most Famous Monuments of AnimalsCote, La Rambla, Barcelona, Spain.
Full name of the sculpture – El gat del Raval, which means Ravalsky cat, as it is located in the Raval district.

The Most Famous Monuments of Animals
“Make Way for Ducklings!” Boston, USA
Sculptural composition of Nancy Shen depicts heroes of popular children’s book by Robert McCloskey’s “Make Way for Ducklings” – Mrs. Mallard duck and her children. According to the story of the book, the family of Mallard long sought a place to house until he has found it on a small island in the Charles River in Boston’s Public Garden.

The Most Famous Monuments of Animals
Greyfriars Bobby Monument, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Another monument dedicated dog is in Edinburgh. Skye Terrier Bobby was a friend of John Gray, who served in the Metropolitan Police. After the death of the owner, Bobby began to spend all the time on his tomb, which was located in the cemetery Greyfrayers. 14 years Terrier went from this place only for those to get their portion of food at a nearby restaurant.

The Most Famous Monuments of AnimalsMonument to those killed in the war animals, London, UK.
Near the magnificent Hyde Park in central London worth an unusual monument dedicated to animals affected by wars. On the monument short inscription: “They had no choice.” Here you can see images of elephants, horses, camels, pigeons, bears, dogs and even fireflies that lit bunkers and trenches the British military.

The Most Famous Monuments of AnimalsMonument boar, Florence, Italy