The most unusual and memorable hotels of the world

Whenever going on a vacation or a honeymoon, I want to spend it memorable. I want to make every day like shots from a good movie. An important rule of a good holiday is a place where you stop to live. Therefore, carefully choose a hotel.
We are offering you to view some of the most unusual and memorable hotels of the world. Maybe one day you’re lucky and you’ll visit these places.
Ecocamp Patagonia – the national park Torres del Paine, Chile
Each room is a separate tent-dome, with all necessary amenities. The hotel is built from environmentally friendly materials and uses renewable energy.

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule is the largest in the world: here 660 rooms 1 × 2 × 1 meter. Each room – it’s small sleeping cells arranged one above the other.

This Boeing 747-200, was transformed into a budget hotel. Here you can spend the night in the cockpit.

Icehotel in Sweden.
The entire hotel is made of snow and ice blocks taken from the Torne River. Ice created even interior details, except beds. This snow hotel since 1990, is being built annually for the period from December to April.

Seaventures Dive Resort in Malaysia. The hotel is equipped on the former oil rig into the sea.

Сastle Malmaison Oxford in the UK. Particularly luxurious hotel is a converted prison building, built in the Victorian era.

Kokopelli Cave Bed and Breakfast. Farmington, USA. This hotel is hewn into the rock area of ​​158 sq.m. The cave temperature is maintained at +20 – +23 ° C, and from it overlooks the La Plata River and vast wilderness.

Marques de Riscal, Spain.
It was created in 2006 by Gary Frank one of the greatest architects of our time. Highlight” of the hotel is an upscale kitchen and a private winery.