What is a futon mattress?

Futon Mattress – a universal and favorite in many todays modern homes and not only at home. The Japanese word “futon” generally refers to the traditional definition of “smart” Japanese bedding. Here’s why: padded mattresses and duvets are flexible enough to be folded and retracted during the day. This room can serve not only as a bedroom – if you have to build a cottage, and still not too late to plan the interior rationaly, futon certainly worth taking note.

Bedding, what is called a futon, consists of “sikibuton” (bottom mat) and “kakebuton” (thick quilted blanket).

That, with regard to the bed, and designations of its measurement, the Japanese have reduced to the simplest expression. Whole house, the whole floor can become a bed, enough to throw it on a soft futon matt.

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